Hello Word in Django : How to start with Django

developing django app in less than 5 minute

In this article I will teach you how to make and run a python-django app in less than 5 minutes.

Prerequisite: Python (preferably python 3) is already installed.

Step to create and run the django app:
  • Install virtual environment. You may proceed without virtual environment too, but in long run it is going to be very helpful.
    $ pip install virtualenv

  • Create a virtual environment.
    $ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 helloworld_VE
  • Activate the virtual environment.
    $ source helloworld_VE/bin/activate
  • Install the latest django framework in virtual environment.
    $ pip install django
  • Create your project.
    $ django-admin startproject myproject
  • Go inside newly created project directory.
    $ cd myproject
  • You will see a file manage.py  and a directory with same name as of your project.
  • create an app here. Every project consist of one or more apps. These are plug-able modules which can be reused in other project if written properly.
    $ python manage.py startapp helloworld
  • Go inside helloworld  directory. create a new file urls.py .
  • Add below lines to this file and save it.
  • Open views file and save below code in it.
  • Include the app i.e. helloworld urls in main project urls file. Open myproject/urls.py file and make add below line in urlpatterns.
  • Also import include module.
    from django.conf.urls import include
  • Now finally add helloworld  in installed apps in myproject/settings.py file .
  • Now run command.  $ python manage.py runserver .
  • This will run the python http server on localhost and 8000 port. If you want to run it on different port, use port number in command.
    $ python manage.py runserver 8888 . To run it on different IP address, pass the IP address as well. Use this command to make your project available for everyone on the network.  $ python manage.py runserver


So this was basic tutorial to set up django app in less than 5 minute. You can refer below github code and  video for same.


Code on Github:

Github URL : https://github.com/anuragrana/hellow-world-django.git




Hosting django app on server:

Read how you can host your django app on pythonanywhere server for free. A complete step by step guide with all screenshots and video.


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